Where to buy crashed cars

Car is everyone’s wish whether you know drive or have driver. But there are people who look for crashed cars. Probably they mend and fix the crashed car and make less expensive car. This makes a lucrative business for some. All these are fine. Where to buy Crashed cars?

Check Classifieds.

There are so many classified and buy/sell pages available both offline and online. Just look into the section where these crashed cars are sold. You can buy from those advertisers. Just google for crashed cars in your area, you might find some dealers.

Developed Nations

In devloping nations, crashed car business is lesser, whereas in develped countries, the business might be booming. The dealer might get the undamaged parts of the car which may be old or new and use it their newly designed cars.


Cars might get crashed due to accidents and due to too old consditions. 90% of crashed cars might be the condition from road accidents. In olden days, cars once met accident, its left without use. But now it is recycled and in use.

Auction of damaged cars

Manytimes, the damaged cars would be auctioned and client who bids high will own the crashed car. Yes it is definitely risk in buying a wrecked car because no one can gaurantee you the return. The dealer should carefully engage in auction and choose vehicles in order to have some good deel days.

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