5 things to know about China 2021.

China is the most talked about country in the year 2020. The entire world went into a lockdown because of the deadly virus whose origin is supposedly China. What started small, exploded to a massive pandemic in a matter of weeks. While China took steps to contain and handle the crisis, the spread of the virus was at an unprecedented speed. 

Though in 2020 China was famously or infamously known for the virus outbreak, it will be interesting to be aware of the top five things that China will be known about in 2021.

  1. Does China have a vaccine for Coronavirus?

While 2020 was all about the COVID-19 strain, 2021 will be the year where the entire world is investing in health innovation. Each country is racing against time and against each other in producing the vaccine. 

China claims that they have the vaccine and have made huge strides in testing and usage. Sinovac and Sinopharm are the two front runners with the vaccine in China. It approved the usage of the vaccine in late December 2020 and these are being administered. 

United Arab Emirates (UAE) approved the vaccine by the Chinese manufacturer, ministry of Health and Prevention of UAE confirmed in its recent statement that the vaccine has 86% efficacy against the COVID-19 infection.

China has taken the lead in manufacturing the vaccine and doing the required testing. 

  1. China’s artificial Sun. 

Abundant availability of clean energy source is in demand across the Globe. China leads this energy innovation by creating the first “artificial sun”. This artificial sun is powered up by nuclear fusion reactor, which is considered the Holy Grail of energy and this is what powers the sun. This success brings China in the forefront of Nuclear Power research capabilities. 

The HL-2M Tokamak reactor is one of the most advanced nuclear fusion experimental and largest research devices. Scientists are hoping that this device can potentially unlock a powerful clean energy source. 

  1. Swalwell China spy.

What made headlines towards the end of 2020, is what will continue to create ripples in 2021 for China and the World. A democratic member of Congress Eric Swalwell(D-Calif) is alleged to have links with the Chinese spy. While the Republicans are pressurising the Democrats to kick him off an intelligence committee, Swalwell has refuted all allegations claiming them as baseless and that he is being targeted for supporting Trump. 

  1. Hunter Biden/Trump China bank account.

The Democrats and Republicans continue to accuse each other of dealings with China which are corrupt and illegal. There are several reports which claim that Trump tax’s record reveals that he pursued license details with Chinese owned entities and has paid a huge amount in taxes in China. His Chinese bank account has received an unusual large amount. While Trump is being charged, Trump has also charged that Joe and Hunter Biden have made a lot of money off their Chinese business and pursuits. The accusations and allegations against each other continue that each of them has hefty amounts in their bank accounts and are aiding China. 

  1. China military base in Jamaica.

China is making inroads to the Caribbean islands. It has offered Jamaica loans and is also providing it expertise to build miles of new highways. It has come to light that China has also donated security equipment to military and policies forces and has built a network of Chinese cultural centres. In addition, it has sent shipments of test kits, masks, and ventilators to help government respond to the pandemic,

All this is along the lines of China’s focus to expand its footprint and influence in this region through government grants and loans, alluring investments by Chinese companies in addition to diplomatic, security and cultural efforts. 

By providing the much-needed help for Caribbean nations China is increasing its interest in this part of the world. Jamaica has emerged as the anchor of Chinese activity in the Caribbean government loans than any other Caribbean island nation. 

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